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Four Key Steps to a More Organized & Efficient Business. Step Three - Automate

The use of technology plays a major role in our daily lives, and there are many ways to use it to enhance efficiency even further. In this segment, I bring you Automation as the third step in the series.

  • Identify repetitive tasks The more routine the task, the more can be gained by automating that process

  • Choose the tools that are suitable for your needs and budget There are quite a lot of platforms on the market that offer automation, so research is key. Many offer a free trial which is a bonus!

  • Examples of tasks to automate Email marketing, social media posting, lead generation, customer outreach.

Mailchimp & ConvertKit offer email marketing solutions and Zoho & Hootsuite assist with scheduled social media postings. There are MANY others, so it's important to choose a platform based on what feels best for you.

Alas, not all tasks are suitable for automation. Tasks requiring creative thinking and heavy human interaction should not be automated. But every little bit helps and automating even one task means one less thing to take you away from building your bottom line.

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