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Office Desk

About Me

I’m passionate about adding value and maximizing productivity for my clients !

CSE Virtuals is a client-driven, results-oriented company providing remote administrative, marketing, and social media support to small businesses and entrepreneurs.  I provide freedom and peace of mind to my clients by handling their tedious administrative tasks so they can focus on core business-building initiatives.

How I got here

I have spent over 25 years helping to improve operational efficiencies for companies of varying sizes and have held positions as Executive Assistant to C-Suite executives, Office Administrator, Business Development Manager to name just a few. 


Each role required a high degree of expertise, efficiency, productivity, confidentiality, and personal strength. 

When the world was impacted in 2020 by the pandemic, it hit very close to home with some personal losses, and that reignited my passion to venture out on my own, using my expertise to create a career without geographic constraints.


I am passionate about helping my clients fulfill their dreams, because I understand it’s not only about making money, but also about creating freedom.   


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