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Four Key Steps to a More Organized & Efficient Business. Step One - Prioritize

Have you ever started your day with a task list so long that you feel defeated before you begin? Or notice that more time is spent being “busy” than “productive”? With multiple squeaky wheels (emails, projects, phone calls, deadlines, meetings, etc.) vying for attention, it’s not hard to get derailed, which could spell disaster in the long run.

Over the next four posts, I will be presenting Four Key Steps to a More Organized & Efficient Business. Today’s installment on Prioritization provides an easy to follow, yet solid framework.

(1) Create a list of ALL projects and tasks that are needing to be completed. Being able to see what needs to be done will ensure that even the most mundane task is counted.

(2) Prioritize projects and tasks based on impact to the business. What are those tasks that directly influence your bottom line? These will be your number one priority.

Once steps 1 and 2 are complete, further divide the list into categories:

  • Urgent and Important: These should be done first without hesitancy

  • Important but not urgent: These should be next on the list for completion

  • Urgent, but not important: Mark these for delegation

  • Neither urgent nor important: These should be removed from your task list

The goal of prioritization is to ensure that attention is being directed to activities that move the wheel toward business growth and success.

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